Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with Healthy Air

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It’s time to sell your home. What upgrades will you make to increase your home’s resale value? Bathroom updates? New flooring? Landscaping? Sometimes, making luxury upgrades aren’t always selling points for certain buyers. Fact: most luxury-based upgrades only see a 56% return on average. We bet you’re wondering: Are there any upgrades I could make that will up my home’s resale value? The answer is yes!

Did you know that your home’s Indoor Air Quality can impact a sale? Upgrading your home’s air system can go unnoticed by buyers, unlike cosmetic changes, but old, damaged systems could cost you a future sale. Compared to the 56% average return sellers see on cosmetic-based upgrades, those who make HVAC changes a priority tend to see a higher average return (up to 71%)! We bet knowing this information makes you want to go searching for the perfect system that’ll introduce Healthy Air into your home. Well, we’re here to help.

Healthy Air has many benefits that can impact you and your family, like reduced stress levels, allergy relief, virus protection, and more. Among these, Healthy Air is known to increase your home’s value and create an energy-efficient environment. Wonder how? Well, Healthy Air means your home is less likely to become damaged by pests, mold, chemicals, and more undesirable factors. Less damage = increased value! Plus, Healthy Air is energy efficient. Energy efficiency is created from more than just solar panels. Introducing humidity control, using ENERGY STAR®-awarded products, installing smart thermostats, and exploring other PureAiro solutions can help you maintain your home for less money and energy.

Preserve Your Home with Healthy Air

Maintaining a damage-free home starts with proper humidity control. It’s best to keep your home’s humidity as close to 50% as possible to combat dry air, reduce mold and mildew growth, and keep your furniture and belongings safe from cracks, chips, and irreversible damage.

Here’s a list of what can happen due to poor humidity control in your home:

  • Bubbling or cracking paint
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Cracking or warping hardwood floors
  • Cracking or rotting woodwork and furniture
  • Swollen wooden framing
  • Damage to expensive belongings, like instruments or electronics

Overall, poor humidity control can lead to dry air in your home that can impact your family’s health…or excess moisture that can damage your home. That’s why creating a Healthy Home environment starts with controlled humidity.

Save Energy (and Money) with Improved Air Quality

Everyone wants to save energy and money. For homebuyers, energy efficiency can be a concern considering the cost of cooling and heating is an ongoing expense. Plus, energy-efficient homes have an almost 10% higher resale value than homes upgraded for luxury—a win-win.

There are many ways to upgrade your home’s efficiency and home’s resale value.

Here are some investments you can make to increase your home’s appeal and maintain a Healthy Home environment:

  • Get an PureAiro Smart Thermostat. These programmable learners control your home’s humidity levels to ensure your comfort, whether you’re heating or cooling. They keep your equipment running at top efficiency with air purity controls.
  • Install an PureAiro Healthy Air System™. This system is comprised of three components to help keep your home running efficiently year-round—fresh air ventilation, air purification, and humidity control.

The PureAiro Healthy Air System

Humidity Control

Depending on the time of year and your climate, these additions to your home can help keep your family healthy and your indoor environment in tip-top shape:

  • PureAiro dehumidifiers are known to remove excess moisture from your home, protecting you and your family from the effects of mold and mildew. How can a dehumidifier save you energy? Our 1870 series recently was recognized as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2020. Earning this recognition means that the product delivers nearly 30% energy savings compared to units without the certification
  • PureAiro humidifiers help combat dry air by adding the right amount of moisture back into your home. With a humidifier, you’ll see energy savings because heating up your home will take less time during the colder months of the year. Plus, humidifiers can help reduce viruses and bacteria in your air, keeping your family healthy.

Air Filtration

Keeping your home’s air healthy is our top priority. With an PureAiro air purification system in place, you can reduce the amount of harmful airborne contaminants in your home while reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. Our air filters, designed to work with your filtering system, are 2 inches wider than other air filters and sport a zigzag pattern, meaning they’re able to capture more particles due to the larger surface area. This helps air pass more freely through the filter, so your ventilation system doesn’t have to work as hard. Plus, PureAiro air filters only need to be replaced every 6-12 months, compared to some 1-inch filters that require replacement every three. Oh, and did we mention our air filters are the proud partner of the American Lung Association?


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