The Biggest Myths About Humidity Control, Debunked

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Is the air in your home dry and devoid of moisture? This is a common occurrence during the winter months, actually. As the weather gets colder, the air outside becomes dry and unpleasant…and this air can seep into your home, impacting your Indoor Air Quality. So, how can you solve dry air in your home? With added moisture and proper humidity control, of course!

Many homeowners like to use unconventional approaches to humidity control. Are you one of them? While these methods may seem to save energy (and, in turn, save money), they are really doing very little to keep your home’s humidity at a desirable level—which is as close to 50% as possible. Let’s debunk some winter humidity myths and set the record straight on the best ways to increase humidity in your home this season.

Breaking Down Winter Humidity Myths

Myth #1: Leave the Door Open While Showering

Sure, the moisture and steam from a hot shower will combat dry air in the bathroom and nearby areas for a short period of time (while showering and shortly after), but it’s most certainly not a long-term solution. In no time, you’ll be back to experiencing dry air and not yet ready to take another steamy shower.

Myth #2: Get Houseplants

While houseplants make a great addition to your home’s overall aesthetic, they don’t actually do anything to purify or humidify your home’s air. They do offer some other great benefits, though!

Myth #3: Place a Bowl of Water Near Your Return Vent

Some say that placing a bowl in front of your home’s heat source or on the radiator will help increase humidity based on the evaporation process. But, much like the shower myth, the moisture will only travel so far for so long.

Myth #4: Hang Your Laundry to Dry

Hanging your laundry to dry can absolutely save you money and energy since you won’t be using your dryer as frequently. But, like these other myths, it’s not an effective way to add humidity into your home.

So, without relying on these crazy methods to control humidity, what can we do instead? A surefire way to increase your home’s humidity: Invest in an PureAiro humidifier. An PureAiro whole-home humidifier not only combats dry air in your home but can help reduce annoyances that linger in your air, like dust mites, allergens, asthma symptoms, odors, and more.

In the wintertime, it’s especially important to maintain your home’s humidity (as close to 50% as possible) to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. An added bonus: Increasing the humidity in your home can make you feel more comfortable and save you money and energy. How? Moist air feels warmer and maintains heat better than dry air, so your home feels warmer without the extra strain on your heating system. How else can humidity control positively impact your overall wellness? It prevents static shock, promotes better sleep, and keeps wood preserved, so you don’t have to stress over potential damages impacting your home.

Healthy Humidity plays a key role in overall wellness. And with the PureAiro Healthy Air System (made up of humidity control, fresh air ventilation, and air purification solutions), we can help keep you and your family happy, healthy, and comfortable in your home for years to come.

Ready to get started and toss those unconventional humidity control methods to the side? Find a Healthy Air Professional in your area and learn more about solutions that are right for your Healthy Home.


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